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Foreign Language Spanish I & II was created with one purpose - to build a space for all students to grow, continue learning and stay connected to me, their classroom teacher each day. Through a unique teaching approach I will help students develop academically and personally to the highest level.

I invite you to explore our classroom site and discover the academics and community Foreign Language Spanish I & II provides to each and every student.

Foreign Language

Spanish I & II

Spanish I

This course is an intense beginner introduction to Spanish.  Spanish 1 will be the foundation to continue onto Spanish I, II, III Honors, IV Honors, and AP.

Spanish II

This course is an intense continuation to Spanish to II.  Spanish II will be the foundation to continue onto Spanish III Honors, IV, V, VI Honors, and/or AP 

Español Santillana Key Ideas

In Spanish I you will learn with :

1.   A motivational story and a challenge:  Tells a story of travels and challenges.  The challenges will present exceptionally motivation situations and fascinating places.  The students will decide which team wins the challenge each unit.  Students will get to know the places, the cultures, and the lifestyles of Spanish Speaking countries. 

2.  Integration of Culture into Units. Culture is the framework for learning Spanish.  Culture is represented in an original way.  Students will discuss the challenges at the beginning of each unit.

3.  An organization based on motivation and learning.  The units are organized around Desafios.  Each Desafio presents a challenge.  Vocabulary and grammar are presented in context within the frame work of each Desafio.   

4. Español Santillana is an Edition for Florida.   

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